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The idea

September 18, 2020

I’ll give it to you straight.

This blog will serve as the public log of my learning journey.

The idea is far from original. Viral post from Swyx

Step 1: Take responsibility for your education.

Most people tend to mistake education for the time that they spent in school. Recognise that it is a process, and like all processes, it can be hacked.

Step 2: Set ambitious goals for yourself.

The template goal sheet that your manager sends you and 20 others at the end of the financial year is not good enough.

Step 3: The standard pace is for chumps.

The systems you see around you are designed so that anyone can keep up. Read that again, the systems you find comfort in are designed for the lowest common denominator. Don’t be a chump.

The blog post where I read the quote first.

Original quote is from this blog post by Derek Sivers

Step 4: No Zero days

A viral reddit thread spawns a movement with more than 100K subsribers. The idea, as all good ideas tend to be is simple. No more zero days. “A zero day is when you don’t do a single fucking thing towards whatever dream or goal or want or whatever that you got going on. No more zeros”

This means that I will spend atleast one minute everyday on activities deemed appropriate to bring me closer to my goals. No more zero days.